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About Patrick Houlahan

Patrick had a distinguished 27-year career in the United States Marine Corps as an Active Duty and Reserve fighter pilot.  He was stationed in San Diego, CA. and participated in four six-month deployments: three to the Western Pacific and one to Al Assad, Iraq.  Patrick was recognized as the Instructor Pilot of the Year and graduated from the United States Navy Post Graduate Fighter Weapons School, “Top Gun.” During his military career, he trained over 500 replacement aircrew, graduated from the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College, earned his Master of Strategic Studies as a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Army War College, and served in a variety of leadership roles.

After leaving active duty in 2004, Patrick joined a management consulting company and quickly rose to become one of their top speakers.  Over 13 years, Patrick delivered and conducted over 450 keynote presentations, training workshops, and consulting engagements with today’s leading corporations such as Verizon, ExxonMobil, Medtronic, DOW, VMware and H&R Block to name a few. He became an Executive Consultant/Director of Seminars and in 2006 was selected as the San Diego’s MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Speaker of the Year.

Patrick's Keynotes

Simplifying Leadership: Keys to Leading a Successful Team (especially in a crisis:)

Leadership happens at all levels or at least we expect that it should. But where do our rising leaders learn to be Inspired, Compassionate, Mission-Driven Leaders? What are the key principles they should follow?

In “Simplifying Leadership: Keys to Leading a Successful Team,” Patrick delivers the key leadership principles necessary to take your leadership and your team’s performance to the next level. The keys to leading successful teams are not hard to understand, but they do take commitment.  Patrick shares what he has learned and experienced over the past 30 years, leading top executives and millennials alike.

Patrick’s interactive presentation will help your team members:

  • Understand and APPLY the key leadership principles required to inspire and build mission-driven teams.
  • Understand how the key leadership principles are of paramount importance to employee morale and productivity.
  • Understand how the key leadership principles foster a team-first mentality and aid in retaining their most valued employees.


Communications is Key: The Art of the Debrief and Building a Debriefing Culture:

The mission is complete, the sale is won or lost, and the quarter is over. What comes next? Is it time to go after the next client or time to get started on the next quarter? No, it is time to have a debrief. Take this time to review what your team did right, what they did wrong, what they can improve, and what they can learn. As a military and business professional, nothing is finished until the debrief is completed.

In “Communication is Key: The Art of the Debrief,” your teams will learn the steps and the art form of leading and conducting an effective debrief. Many companies review their productivity without ever getting to the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, they only review the surface-level causes and do not get to the root of the issue. They miss the opportunity to build best practices that can have an exponential impact on their business going forward.

Patrick’s interactive presentation will teach your team members:

  • The steps and the art form of leading and conducting an effective debrief.
  • How to create an open, honest, and inclusive environment where a culture of debriefing can flourish.
  • How debriefing can drive agility and improved performance throughout their organization.


Fast and Effective Planning: Link Tactical Actions to Strategic Direction:

A senior executive once said, “We agree all the time at the executive level, but then things break down below us.” Has this happened in your organization? Believe me, this situation can happen anywhere. But why does it happen?

In “Fast and Effective Planning: Link Tactical Actions to Strategic Direction,” your teams will learn how to plan and ensure a line of sight from the frontline employees to the strategic direction of the organization. Unfortunately, many companies do not build effective actionable plans throughout their organization, which allows their strategic direction to become diluted. Planning takes effort, but as Yogi Berra reminds us, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Patrick’s interactive presentation will teach your team members:

  • The importance of always understanding the “why” and reinforcing the strategic direction when building a plan.
  • How to build consensus and alignment behind the President’s/CEO’s strategic direction and work effectively across boundaries.
  • The critical steps to build effective actionable plans and how to link tactical actions to the strategic direction.
  • How to plan and execute during a crisis.