List Building And Cleaning Services

The single most important ingredient of any marketing campaign is a QUALIFIED list. The cleaner and more accurate your list, the less waste you have in time, money and resources used in responding to people who cannot buy. Yet most companies’ lists are horribly out-of-date, missing information and unqualified – which is why one of our most popular services is cleaning, qualifying and building prospect lists. Our list cleaning and building services will help you to:

  • Build ACCURATE and QUALITY prospect lists for higher engagement and conversion
  • Stop wasting time and marketing dollars on unqualified prospects who will never buy, or who you don’t want as clients.
  • Eliminate duplication and ensure uniformity and uniqueness of your

We offer a complete turnkey service with a 90%+ accuracy rate GUARANTEED. We can take an existing list you have and clean it, appending and validating data, or we can assist you in purchasing and validating new lists of prospects. Data appended and verified includes company name, decision-maker name, title, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, company size and industry type (SIC classification). Contact us for a custom quote:

Custom Marketing Toolkits For Your Partners

If you want Robin and our team to create a marketing and sales “toolkit” that goes BEYOND just giving them marketing campaigns and sales strategies that work and INSPIRES them to IMPLEMENT, this is the perfect option for you. These are custom programs that are based on what you’re trying to achieve, what you need, your budget, time frame and the deliverables you select.

Below is a short list of decisions that will drive the ultimate fees for this program. Keep in mind some companies choose to have their PARTNERS pay a percentage of the fees so they have skin in the game:

  • Do you need something TRULY custom or can we repurpose one or more of the successful toolkits we have already developed and proven to work? In most cases, we can use proven content with a little bit of
  • How extensive are the topics we are covering? For example, showing your partners how to implement a truly effective lead generation program that covers all aspects of marketing is a far more extensive topic than simply covering how to do e-mail
  • How do you want the content delivered? Webinars will be less expensive than in-person seminars, but are far less Some clients opt for a combination of both.
  • What tools and templates do you want us to give them? Done-for-you websites are going to be far more elaborate to deliver than a series of e-mail
  • How many partners will be trained or given this program? Some companies opt to give this to their top- tier partners while requiring lower-level partners to pay for some or all of
  • How will you get the word out about this program? Will Robin need to assist you in launching it and “selling” it to your partners?

Microsoft Partner Case Study

How Robin Helped Microsoft Partners Sell 2,782 Office 365 Licenses And Generate $491,107 In Sales In 11 Weeks

Microsoft engaged Robin to develop a program to help their SMB partners sell more Office 365 licenses. The program was launched via webinar to over 1,500 US-based Microsoft partners, with 473 registering for the webinar.

The webinar announced a pilot program for a select group of 25 partners to participate in an 11-week program with Robin to sell more Office 365 licenses and migrations. The partners had to apply to get in the program (155 applied), agree to participate in the biweekly calls and the two-day in- person training, implement the campaigns, report results and pay $2,500 to be a part of the program.

Robin interviewed customers of the pilot group and developed a series of campaigns consisting of e-mails, direct mail, LinkedIn messaging and call scripts. The program was rolled out over an 11-week period via biweekly webinars and a two-day workshop in our office.

Program Results:

  • Average participant generated 21 new OPPORTUNITIES and closed five new contracts.
  • The top six generated an average of 48 leads, 11 closed contracts and $491,107 in NEW sales in just 11
  • The top six had $3,704,855 in the pipeline to

We ran a contest to encourage implementation of the campaigns and reporting of results. The contestants submitted essays detailing the number of campaigns implemented, sales generated and Office 365 licenses sold. The first-, second- and third-place winners were recognized onstage at Boot Camp. Robin did a presentation at Boot Camp on the program and shared the contest essays with Boot Camp attendees.

Diana Ishak

Senior Manager, Partner Channel US SMB  | Microsoft

“The Microsoft SMB team here in the US was looking for a marketing program that would help our partners to not only IMPLEMENT more marketing for Office 365, but actually get results; Robin Robins and her team delivered just that. For quite some time our partners had been asking us, ‘Why aren’t you guys working with Robin Robins?’ Now I can see why they asked. Robin got our partners to actually do the work, invest their time and money into marketing Office 365 and (most importantly) generate measurable results in new leads, opportunities and sales.

In fact, our partners were getting NEW opportunities in day one of the workshop Robin held! Incredible! The partners who have been through this program have raved about how valuable it was – one that we should have been doing a long time ago.”