Let Us Create Powerful Lead Generation eBooks, Guides And Reports Designed To Draw In And Convert Qualified MSP And IT Services CEOs To Do Business With You

“Content marketing” and “thought leadership” have become popular corporate buzzwords to drive qualified leads into your sales funnel. However, MOST of the content produced by vendors in the channel does NOT attract, engage and convert visitors to productive, interested leads. That’s because the content must be written to influence and persuade, NOT just “inform.” Further, the author needs to have a deep understanding of the specific audience (prospects) you are trying to attract, what their hot buttons are, what motivates them, how they buy and the objections they have not just the technical aspects of what you sell.

When it comes to marketing to MSPs (and getting them to take action), there’s no one in this channel that understands this better than Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit.

The Top 3 Reasons To Hire Us To Create Your Next Content Marketing Piece:

  1. We actually know how to write content that PERSUADES and influences IT services CEOs to engage with
  2. Our guides will contain REAL CONTENT, not just high-level fluff that leaves the prospect feeling fooled into requesting a worthless piece of content from (Hint: Calling something the “ultimate guide” to something then providing non-specific, worthless ideas breaks trust and makes a prospect feel as though you lied to them and wasted their time.)
  3. We can distribute your content to our list of 15,000+ MSPs and IT services

Our Prospect Attraction e-Guide Service Includes:

  • A one-on-one Strategy Session with Robin Robins to map out a plan for your content to ensure you get the maximum number of qualified leads.
  • Advanced research, including a custom survey of your prospects and partners to determine exactly what content will attract and engage them the most.
  • 120-150 pages of content, graphics, tips and research.
  • Custom cover design and graphics with your logo and branding.
  • Posting of the content on the HOME PAGE of our Member Dashboard portal for 30 This is the portal where our 5,400+ members log in to get the content they paid for.
  • Posting of the content on all Technology Marketing Toolkits social media channels: o Facebook Page: 4,286 Followers | LinkedIn Group: 1,922 Members