Facebook Audience Targeting

Laser-target over 12,000 MSP customers for new products, services, promotions and brand awareness for just pennies apiece. Stop using expensive “spray and pray” marketing where most of your advertising budget is wasted. Why not promote your solutions directly to a highly motivated, growth-oriented group of our clients who’ve purchased Robin Robins’ products and services through Facebook?

Grow your channel partners, sell more products and stay in front of exactly who you want, faster and more affordably than ever before, using the Facebook custom audience campaign.

MSP Success Magazine Website Banner Ads

Get the attention of qualified partners by promoting your high-value content through native advertising opportunities on our website, www.MSPSuccessMagazine.com.

MSP Success Magazine Sponsored Popup Video

One of the most impactful methods of bolstering your influence in the channel is through visual content. Your branded video will appear as a popup when someone visits www.MSPSuccessMagazine.com, viewed by almost 4,000 unique visitors a month.

MSP Success Magazine Guest Blog Post

Contribute your product- or service-specific content to the MSP Success Magazine website. With a guest blog post, take advantage of the benefits below:

  1. Build off the subscriber’s affinity to MSP Success and Robin Robins to position yourself as an MSP authority and gainindustry recognition.
  2. Gain exposure (traffic) back to your company’s
  3. Build backlinks to your website to help with your SEO

Included with the guest blog post:

  • One full week on the home page
  • Post will live on the site forever
  • Author byline
  • Author page
  • Featured in eNewsletter
  • Dedicated e-mail to MSP Success list

MSP Success Magazine eNewsletter Ad

Get your company’s message delivered right to MSPs’ in-boxes.

MSP Success Magazine has a weekly newsletter that is sent out every Friday to more than 3,000 engaged (25% average open rate) subscribers seeking to improve their business.

We will deliver a report detailing your ad’s performance when the campaign has ended.

A great way to keep your brand on MSP owners’ minds. Gain maximum reach by utilizing this prominent location with a 728px X 90px ad above our top news story.

Gain great value by placing your ad just above our MSP Spotlight or Hot Tech section of our eNewsletter.

Utilize this 728px X 90px ad space to get your message to our engaged subscribers.

Technology Marketing Toolkit Dashboard Ads

Over 5,000 members access our Marketing Dashboard to get product information, find marketing resources and templates, attend our members-only events, track their KPIs and campaign results and much, much more. With this sponsorship, you have the option to display your company’s ad on the main home page that all members see upon login (full width or square ad options).